Are you struggling to afford your energy bills?

In response to a national report ranking Cincinnati as having one of the highest energy burdens – the percentage of income spent on utilities – for low-income families, renters, and underserved communities, the City of Cincinnati created WarmUp Cincy. This new energy efficiency program seeks to reduce the utility costs of income-eligible families living in rental units and fills the gap in energy efficiency services for these residents in Cincinnati.

Through WarmUp Cincy, enrolled families receive a home energy assessment with an accompanying family energy strategy, energy efficiency upgrades, tips to reduce energy costs, an educational workshop on reducing energy consumption, and financial support, where applicable. WarmUp Cincy is funded by Duke Energy Ohio and implemented by the Community Action Agency – Cincinnati | Hamilton County, ​Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, and People Working Cooperatively.

Current Participants

As you watch the four videos, make sure to answer the survey questions in each video. After you watch all the videos and answer all the questions, you will receive a phone call from the City of Cincinnati to discuss any additional feedback, questions, or comments. Following the call, you will be approved for a one-time $500 credit to your Duke Energy Ohio account. Thank you for participating in WarmUp Cincy!

You will need to follow the process below when registering for each video:

  1. Click on each number or the link in the text to get to the registration page for each video.

  2. Enter your name and email address. If you do not have an email address, then create a dummy address using the format For example, the name John Cincinnatus would be

  3. Once your information has been submitted, select “Join the Webinar” to get started. If you registered using a real email address, then you will also receive a link to the video so you can watch it at a later time.

  4. If you registered using a dummy email address and are unable to watch the video in one viewing, then you will need to register for the video again and start from the beginning. You will need to create a new dummy email address when you register to watch the video again.


Making sense of your Duke Energy bill (12 minutes)

Learn how to read your Duke Energy bill so you can begin to take control of your energy usage and save money. Access the webinar.

Energy saving tips: Fact or Fiction? (10 minutes)

Discover if some of the energy tips you hear about all the time really can save you money.  Access the webinar.

Do it yourself energy saving improvements (10 minutes)

Find out about some of the simple things you can do around your home to help save energy and improve comfort. Access the webinar.

Energy saving programs for homeowners and renters (11 minutes)

Hear about some of the different energy saving programs offered throughout the community and benefits they provide. Access the webinar.