Energy Tip for December 2012

December brings us long, cold nights and rising energy bills.

Heating, holiday lights, and a hearty load of baking bring increased usage on multiple fronts. Proper insulation and air sealing, including properly weather stripping door thresholds and windows, is the number one way to bring down your heating bills. If you have historic windows, consider using Indow® Window inserts to provide an aesthetically pleasing thermal barrier.

LED lights and smart strips will help reduce your increased lighting baseload. If the Empire State Building can rock them, so can you!

Kitchen Appliance Efficiency

In the kitchen last month, we learned the importance of clean refrigerator coils and a properly sealed door. Before you get busy baking your holiday treats, make sure your oven door seals completely too, especially if you have an older oven. Check the gasket for cracks and replace it if it is worn or damaged. If the door is not completely closing, adjust the alignment. On the stovetop, keep your small pots and pans on small burners, and keep lids on pots to reduce the amount of fuel it takes to heat your culinary creations. And don’t forget to unplug your unused appliances!

Like rolling a perfect pie crust, changing energy usage habits takes practice! Remind yourself and family members to help make the changes you have easily in your control. Happy Holidays!