What is your heating footprint?

In the winter when we are all trying to stay warm, the last thing on most people’s mind is the impact that their heating choices can have on the environment. ENERGY STAR developed this great infographic to show the impact that one household can have when they switch to ENERGY STAR heating equipment.


For more information, visit ENERGY STAR’s original post for this infographic.


Energy Saver 101: Home Heating

Heating is the largest consumer of energy in your home so learning about how your home’s heating system works can be a great first step towards reducing your energy bills. The Department of Energy developed this infographic to help homeowner’s learn everything they need to know about heating their home.


For more information, visit the Department of Energy’s original blog post for this infographic.







Energy Tip: HVAC Tune-up


Strange as it seems, summer is almost here. It’s time to schedule your annual air conditioner service now.

Whether you have an old, inefficient system that you haven’t yet been able to replace or a new, efficient, ENERGY STAR® rated HVAC system, performing regular maintenance is vital to extending the life of your system and keeping it running as efficiently as possible.

By making sure your HVAC is in peak performance, you will save money over the course of the summer. In addition to your pre-season tune-up, make sure you regularly change (or clean, if they are reusable) your HVAC’s air filter. This means monthly replacement during peak usage months, depending on your system.

Dirty filters cost more to use, overwork your system, and compromise your indoor air quality. So, after you’ve scheduled your tune-up this week, invest in a few spare filters to be prepared for the summer, set some reminders on your calendar to replace the old filters, and stay cool this summer.