Meet Your Contractor: Hader Heating & Cooling

We get to know our Home Performance Contractors before we send them to your house. You should too. Meet Pete Trokan from Hader Heating & Cooling.

Choosing a Home Performance Contractor (HPC) can be a daunting task, especially for homeowners who don’t already have an idea of what their home’s needs are. All of the Home Performance Contractors in our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program are qualified to conduct whole-home energy assessments, analyze the results, and provide homeowners with a comprehensive work scope of energy efficiency, comfort, and safety measures. In addition, our contractors are each experts in specific areas of home performance, and it can be something to consider when making your selection.

Hader Heating & Cooling (Hader) joined the Energy Alliance as an HPC in September 2012. Since then, they have performed almost twenty whole-home assessments. More than half of those homeowners have chosen to complete whole-home upgrades through our program. We have been very impressed by how quickly Hader has adopted the industry’s best practices in home performance and worked to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

Innovation and Dedication

Prior to becoming a Home Performance Contractor in the Energy Alliance’s network, Hader was one of three Aeroseal dealers in the region. Aeroseal is a duct sealing product, and due to the nature of the ductwork assessment and installation, whole-home performance was a natural fit for Hader.

When Hader decided to join our network, their installer Pete Trokan was enrolled in Cincinnati State’s Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Program, working towards a Renewable Energy Major. Pete was selected and agreed to go through the training to become a Building Performance Institute (BPI) qualified building analyst. Pete now represents Hader as a Home Performance Contractor in our program.

“The most surprising part was to find out how bad houses really are. I would have never imagined that houses were so leaky and what a lack of insulation there is out there, and how many gas leaks are really in the home. That was really an eye opener.”

Pete Trokan, Hader Heating & Cooling

Health and Safety

In Pete Trokan’s experience, most homeowners know they have a problem in their house when it comes to comfort. They know if they don’t have insulation. They know when their upstairs rooms are either too hot or too cold to be usable. What they don’t know, and where home performance really comes in with an added benefit to homeowners, is in health and safety issues, especially in the form of gas leaks and carbon monoxide build-up in the home.

“They don’t know about the health and safety issues. They don’t know that their water heater isn’t drafting.  That’s what we find when we go into the home.”

Peter Trokan, Hader Heating & Cooling

I am Aeroseal. I live and breathe Aeroseal.

Before becoming an HPC, Pete already believed in the benefits of duct sealing, and still believes that Aeroseal, along with installing LED bulbs, give the best payback for customers in the home performance industry. Pete is truly excited about home performance and the Aeroseal product, and he shares that with homeowners.

When Pete performs Aeroseal duct blasting to find out how much leakage in the ducts there is,  he says the homeowners are always standing right there next to him because they want to know. The typical response, according to Pete, is, “I knew it was going to be leaky, but I wasn’t expecting it to be that leaky.”

“I was an installer before, and now I’m working one-on-one with homeowners, and I like doing that. The customer service aspect of this work is very satisfying.”

Pete Trokan, Hader Heating & Cooling

To learn more about Hader and Aeroseal, visit their homepage.

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