Solarize: What You Need to Know

Switching to clean energy is one of the world’s biggest challenges right now, as the impact of fossil fuels on our economy and our well-being becomes increasingly pronounced. But this kind of massive shift cannot occur overnight, and requires the participation of everyday consumers as well as large-scale enterprises and government-backed entities in order to succeed.

Luckily, we at the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance seek to create a bridge between all the actors involved in this scenario, thereby creating opportunities for affordable and efficient energy improvements. Our programs include free home assessments, financing options and access to a contractor network for all eligible parties. One of our most popular initiatives so far has been the Solarize program, which seeks to help homeowners from Cincinnati and Kentucky install solar panels on their roofs in an easy and affordable manner.

Why Solarize?

The general advantages of using solar energy are well-known, but right now the citizens of Cincinnati and Kentucky can look forward to some additional benefits as well:

  • a federal tax credit worth 30%, only available until 2019
  • a greatly reduced cost of installation, with the price of such procedures having dropped by as much as 75% over the last 10 years
  • a significant reduction in price courtesy of Solarize’s volume discount offerings, which eligible residents can use to save an additional 5-20% on their solar installations
  • extended warranties on solar panels, sometimes exceeding the 25-year norm
  • customized panels that are built to fit and look great on your particular roof

With all these benefits in place, the prospect of embracing solar energy looks that much more enticing. Doing so will not only give the environment a big boost, but will also have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. By going solar the average consumer can look forward to saving roughly $70 a month on their electricity bill, for a total of almost $900 per year. In these circumstances, it’s no wonder many of Cincinnati’s homeowners have already made the jump to clean energy, enough to earn the city a coveted “Solar Star” rating in Environment Ohio’s Shining Cities report.

How to Get On Board

We have made the process of going solar as simple and intuitive as possible. Interested parties merely have to visit our Solarize Cincy website or Solarize KY website and use our geo-mapping tool to see if their home is a good fit for solar panel installations. If all is well, one of our qualified professionals will visit your home and give you a total cost estimate, while we leverage all available tax incentives and bulk-purchasing discounts to aid your cause.

When all is said and done, installing solar panels is easier than it seems. Many people have already made the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle and are reaping the benefits of reduced consumption all around. So don’t hesitate to contact us and see how you can get started on building a better tomorrow today.

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