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Solarize brings solar power within your reach. As a nonprofit, we provide unbiased advice, connect you with a qualified solar installer, and offer discounted pricing on high quality equipment.

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“I love technology, environmentally friendly products, and the idea of producing my own energy. Solar panels combine all three. How cool is that! Most of the time our electric bill is zero and sometimes we actually get some money back.”

Rodel E.
Montgomery, OH

“We love reducing our carbon footprint, we actually had no electric bills for seven months. Our solar panels are black and match the roof so people in the neighborhood have been impressed with how nice they look. My daughter didn’t even realize we had them installed!”

Mary B.
Montgomery, OH

Take advantage of the Solarize discount through June 30, 2019

By bringing the region together to purchase solar panels during our annual campaign, Solarize is able to tap into the power of bulk purchasing to drive down costs for you.

When combined with the 30% federal residential energy tax credit, installing solar becomes even more affordable.

Sample Pricing

  5.0 kW system 8.5 kW system
Total Cost -$15,000 -$25,000
Solarize Discount $1,900 $3,325
Fedral Solar Tax Credit $3,930 $6,500
Energy Savings 25 years $23,887 $40,610
Net Savings $14,717 $25,435

Did You Know?


The amount the average home in Ohio will pay
their utility over the next 25 years

Why not start producing your own energy?

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