Solar Photo Voltaic Panel Basics Video

Here’s a well done overview about Solar PV Basics from the U.S. Department of Energy, covering:

  • How solar cells convert solar energy into DC power

  • Advantages and to Solar Energy

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  1. Dane Ervick
    Dane Ervick says:

    Hi Tinika, I’m Dane, Senior Operations Associate at the Energy Alliance. Thanks for your interest in the program! In some parts of the country some solar installers offer leasing and power purchase agreement (PPA) options that will allow you to see the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy without the high upfront costs. In our Solarize Cincinnati program, incentives and financing are available. Our installers also offer our participating homeowners a discount for signing up through the Energy Alliance. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

  2. Tinika Billups
    Tinika Billups says:

    I would really love to learn more about solar energy and to find more cost effective ways of obtaining it. If you have any ideas that don’t cost in the ten’s of thousand’s let me know. I am super excited about the tesla home battery but you have to have solar panels installed for that :(.

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