Learn All About Solar Energy at Our Solarize Workshop

Solar energy has been a huge buzzword across the US for the past 10 years, and it all can seem a bit overwhelming. With all of the advances in technology, it has been hard to keep up with the world of solar energy. We at the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance have been working hard to make solar energy easily accessible for everyone in the Ohio/Kentucky tristate area. One way that we have tried to make solar energy easy to understand is by offering free Solarize Workshops.

What is a Solarize Workshop?

Our Solarize Workshops are small scale workshops available to anyone interested in getting solar panels installed on their homes or anyone interested in solar energy. We keep our workshops small and hold them often so that people can feel comfortable getting their questions answered and really get to know the world of solar energy.

During the event you will be able to:

  • Sign up for a free solar assessment
  • Talk to local solar experts
  • Learn how solar works on your home
  • Find out about discounted pricing and tax credits

How Does the Solarize Program Work?

The Solarize Program is a program we designed to bring Cincinnati into the solar age. We start you off with a free solar assessment based on aerial images of your house to gauge your roof’s solar capabilities. We then build out an assessment of solar benefits for your home, showing you the cost benefits of installing solar panels and the rough cost of installation. In other words, we take all of the guess work out of solar by showing you the numbers before you even take the first step.

If your home is a good fit for solar, we can refer you to one of our approved local installers to get you a proposal. They will schedule an on-site solar assessment to examine the following:

  • Age and condition of your roof
  • Degree of tilt and orientation of your roof
  • Presence of any obstacles to sunlight on your property
  • Ideal location to install solar panels on the exterior of your home
  • Location of appropriate interior connection points

Remember, solar tax credits expire in 2019 and the Solarize discount ends on Wednesday, October 31st!

Join us for one of our public Solarize workshops to learn how solar energy can raise the value of your home and lower your monthly energy bill:

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