Green Umbrella and the Energy Alliance team up

graphic_post_green-umbrella-enegy-challengeDid you know Green Umbrella and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance have teamed up to work on several local energy efficiency initiatives?

The Green Umbrella is a non-profit organization working to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the region around Cincinnati. It is made up of over 170 organizations comprising eight action teams, each working within a specific area of sustainability. By maximizing the collective impact of individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability, the Green Umbrella and its action teams are accomplishing sustainability goals in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance leads Green Umbrella’s Energy Conservation Action Team, whose goal is to reduce energy consumption in our region by 15% by the year 2020. To do this we have created the Green Umbrella Energy Challenge!

The Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge is a chance for Greater Cincinnati organizations and businesses to show their support for the region and take advantage of the benefits of home energy efficiency.

The Challenge is currently open to all members of Green Umbrella.

If you have had a home energy assessment completed with the Energy Alliance, look to see if your place of work is a Green Umbrella affiliate. If you haven’t yet had an assessment and would like to bring honor and glory to your favorite Green Umbrella affiliate, take the challenge today!

The Green the MLS Initiative

The Green Umbrella Energy Conservation Team is also currently developing an initiative for the real estate market of the Greater Cincinnati area in order to effectively “Green the MLS” in a way that is beneficial to agents, buyers, and sellers. This is an effort that will help to establish the real market value of green home features.

The team is seeking input from the real estate community in order to move forward with this initiative.  At its next meeting, the team will be discussing how to establish market value for home efficiency improvements.

At the last meeting, Paul and Barb Yankie of Green Building Consulting addressed the challenges and issues they have encountered in their efforts to “Green the MLS.” Dylan Sullivan of the National Resources Defense Council spoke about the use of utility data to improve this process.


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