Forest Park’s 100+ Home Energy Upgrades

The Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program had an exciting milestone to celebrate for Earth Day this year.

Forest Park’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program facilitated its community’s 100th Home Energy Upgrade through the Energy Alliance’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program in April 2013.

The City of Forest Park has partnered with the Energy Alliance since March of 2011 to help its residents make whole-home energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Over 100 Forest Park homes have now successfully made comprehensive energy upgrades to their homes, which we consider a great success! These improvements have resulted in lower energy bills for residents, noticeable improvement to home comfort and usability, and a resulting improvement to our region’s air quality.

“Partnering with the City of Forest Park has generated incredible value to Forest Park customers, who can enjoy an even quicker payback on their home investment.”

Andy Holzhauser, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Investment = Savings + Local Jobs

Forest Park’s almost $750,000 investment in energy efficiency has generated over 6,000 hours of private sector labor and saved almost one million kWh annually through energy usage reductions. Wright Gwyn, the Forest Park Environmental Program Manager, is very excited about this program, which he considers quite successful and a worthy ongoing investment for Forest Park.

“Our programs are not isolated programs. It’s an environmental education type of experience where they see tangible results. A lot of people are not only getting money upfront to make improvements, but then they reap the benefits of long term savings as well.”

Wright Gwyn, Program Manager, Forest Park Environmental Program

On average, the Forest Park community members who have invested in their home’s efficiency by participating in the Energy Alliance’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program are saving approximately $400 per year on their energy bills, with some households enjoying savings of over $1,000 through energy efficiency investments.

“Investing in the efficiency of your home provides immediate savings, while improving the comfort and value of your home.”

Andy Holzhauser, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Exceeding Expectations

The partnership exceeded its goal of improving the efficiency of 100 Forest Park homes.  Homeowners who committed to a minimum 15 percent improvement of their homes’ efficiency received funding assistance to jump start their home energy upgrades. In addition to the cash incentives and low-interest loan option provided by the Energy Alliance, Forest Park residents were able to access up to $2,000 from their local Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program.

Wright Gwyn sees the Residential Energy Efficiency Programas an important piece in the puzzle of improving individual and community sustainability for Forest Park residents.

“Everything that we’re trying to develop for our residents is trying to improve the environmental quality of the Forest Park community. Energy efficiency has become a larger issue. It is an individual and a societal concern that we improve our energy efficiency in every way possible.”

Wright Gwyn, Program Manager, Forest Park Environmental Program

The Forest Park Residential Energy Efficiency Program is a project of the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program, which is a department under the City of Forest Park.  The Environmental Awareness Program is committed to fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility among citizens, businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies towards the enhancement of local, regional, and global environmental quality.

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