Forest Park Surpasses Milestone

Brings savings to over one hundred homeowners with Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Forest Park’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program surpassed its community goal of completing over 100 Home Energy Upgrades through the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance’s (Energy Alliance’s) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program. The City of Forest Park has partnered with the Energy Alliance since March of 2011 to help its residents make whole-home energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

The partnership exceeded the community goal by improving the efficiency of 147 Forest Park homes.

Homeowners who committed to upgrading their homes’ efficiency received funding assistance to jump start their home energy upgrades. To encourage participation, Forest Park residents were able to access incentives from the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program and the Energy Alliance’s low-interest GC-HELP loan to help finance their improvements.

Forest Park residents combined investment in residential energy efficiency improvements has totaled almost $1,000,000 and has generated over 7,500 hours of private sector labor, in addition to saving over 4 million kBTU annually through energy usage reductions.

These improvements have resulted in lower energy bills for those residents, increased home comfort and usability, and a reduction in their community’s carbon footprint. Andy  Holzhauser, Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Alliance, commented, “Partnering with the City of Forest Park has generated incredible value to Forest Park customers. More than a hundred residents have been able to improve their quality of living while creating ongoing savings to support their families. This is a great success for the community.”

With the homeowner’s permission, the Energy Alliance tracked and analyzed the homeowner’s pre- and post-upgrade utility consumption data for a 24 month period. To date, the Energy Alliance has reviewed the utility data of 44 residents and found that their home energy upgrades resulted in significant energy savings.

Forest Park community members who participated in the program reduced their actual energy consumption by an average of 20%, saving an estimated $400 or more per year on their energy bills.

Wright Gwyn, the Forest Park Environmental Program Manager, remains enthusiastic about this program, which he considers a very successful partnership for Forest Park. Gwyn noted, “Our programs are not isolated programs. They provide an environmentally educational experience in which residents see tangible results. A lot of people [in our community] are not only getting money upfront to make improvements, but they reap the benefits of long term savings as well.”

To recognize this milestone for the community, the Energy Alliance presented the City of Forest Park with an Energy Efficiency Leadership Award on October 7th, 2013 at their City Council Meeting.

About the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (Energy Alliance)

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is a nonprofit economic development agency that drives investment in energy efficiency in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities by providing education, project management, and innovative financing solutions. The Energy Alliance is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

About the Forest Park Residential Energy Efficiency Program

The Forest Park Residential Energy Efficiency Program is a project of the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program, which is a department under the City of Forest Park.  The Environmental Awareness Program is committed to fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility among citizens, businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies towards the enhancement of local, regional, and global environmental quality.

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