City of Forest Park Passes Resolution to Support Residential Home Energy Improvements

On February 21, the Forest Park City Council passed the Residential Energy Efficiency Program Resolution to provide a unique opportunity for Forest Park residents to benefit from home energy savings through energy efficiency investments.

Chuck Johnson, Forest Park City Mayor, highlighted the value of the efficiency program for Forest park residents explaining that, “The City is very fortunate to be able to partner with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.  The combination of their resources with those from our Environmental Awareness Program will allow our residents to identify and make energy efficiency improvements to their homes which will benefit them for many years.  Participants in the program will enjoy greater comfort while reducing their energy costs.”

The Energy Alliance and the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program have developed a partnership that will subsidize both home energy assessments and energy improvement projects.  Forest Park residents who participate in this program will only have to contribute $50 for a comprehensive home energy assessment ($500 value) to discover energy saving opportunities such as sealing air leaks, insulating wall space and attics, and analyzing the efficiency & safety of a home’s furnace and other combustion systems.

Based on recommendations from the professional home energy assessment, Forest Park residents can then choose to go to the next step of making some or all of the recommended energy incentive improvements.  To help with the improvement costs, the Energy Alliance will provide a 35% incentive for the recommended home energy improvements. In addition, qualifying Forest Park homeowners will also receive an additional 15% incentive from the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program, totaling up to 50% in incentives for home energy improvements.  Residents are encouraged to sign up early, as the Energy Alliance $50 home energy assessment and 35% home energy improvement incentive is a limited time offer.

The Energy Alliance makes it easy and affordable for residents and nonprofits to invest in energy efficiency improvements to their buildings.  The Energy Alliance helps building owners connect with contractors to assess energy saving opportunities, access Energy Alliance and other related financial incentives, and assist in the quality implementation of building improvement projects. Hamilton County was one of seven local governments that has funding through the federally funded Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block grant to support residential and nonprofit energy efficiency projects in the region.  Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune noted that, “hundreds of energy assessments and over 50 home energy improvement projects have already been completed in our county, saving our residents money while improving the comfort and safety of their homes.  We believe that this partnership with Forest Park will contribute to significant growth of the program.”

Andy Holzhauser, Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, is excited by the opportunity to extend its partnership within Hamilton County by working with the City of Forest Park, to provide an added value to residents through offering an additional 15% incentive for home efficiency improvements.  Mr. Holzhauser recognized the efforts of Wright Gwyn sharing that, “he spearheaded this project from the beginning and approached the Energy Alliance with enthusiasm to help the community both improve their environment and save money at home”.

Wright Gwyn, Program Manager of the Forest park Environmental Awareness Program notes that residents are already signing up for the home energy assessment program and adds that, “if any Forest Park resident ever considered making home energy improvements, now may be the time”.  Sally Huffman, a Forest Park resident, was very pleased with her energy assessment, sharing that her contractor was very thorough in her inspection. Sally related that her contractor “checked the attic, doors, windows, furnace, water heater, air conditioner, garage and basement. She [Energy Alliance contractor] also blew air through the house to further determine where the leaks were.”  The Residential Energy Efficiency Program helped Sally invest in her home by taking advantage of the financial incentives provided by the Energy Alliance and the City of Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program.

Forest Park residents can learn more about the program and also sign up for a home energy assessment at the Forest Park Environmental website at Residents are encouraged to register and schedule a home energy assessment as soon as they can.  Forest Park’s funding for the additional 15% incentive is anticipated to only be able to assist up to 50 to 75 homes.  Residents are also encouraged to attend an organizational and informational Meeting at the on March 22nd at 6:30 PM to learn more about the program and services available through the Energy Alliance.

For more information contact: Lilah Glick, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Marketing and Community Outreach Director at .

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities reduce their energy costs.   GCEA was launched in January 2009, providing education, expertise, and innovative financing to  help Greater Cincinnati become more energy efficient, saving money for residents while creating local jobs throughout our community.

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