Forest Hills Schools are ENERGY STAR®-S!

In 2011, the Energy Alliance began a partnership through our Better Buildings Performance Program with the Forest Hills School District.

They engaged us to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities at Nagel Middle School and Turpin High School. We were excited to do so for many reasons. Making schools more energy efficient gives back to schools with increased revenue through utility savings; it reduces our region’s overall energy consumption, which improves air quality; and it sets an example for our future generations. 

In the case of Nagel Middle School, the impact was even greater. Nagel Middle School has the largest middle school population in Ohio, and its administrative and teaching team took their building’s improvements as a learning opportunity for their students by incorporating building efficiency science into the school’s curriculum. We thought that was pretty cool. 

“By individually metering and installing different lighting systems in each of our science classrooms, science teachers are able to demonstrate to their students how different pieces of equipment affect power consumption, and how the decisions we make about power consumption affect the world around us.”

Ray Johnson, Director of Business Operations, Forest Hills School District

We would like to congratulate Forest Hills Schools for their impressive and inspiring efforts to improve their facilities’ energy efficiency. They have been able to reduce their electrical consumption by 18% over the past few years. 8 of their 9 school buildings, which range in age from 13-54 years old, have been ENERGY STAR® certified for each of the last two years.

Back in May 2013, upon the completion of their energy efficiency projects, we presented a check to the Forest Hills School District. Dr. Forest Heis and Dr. Dallas Jackson accepted the check on behalf of the Board of Education, and the Department of Energy was present to further honor this achievement in energy efficiency.
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