Energy Tip: Programmable Thermostats

Here’s a tip: Use a programmable thermostat, and learn how to use it well.

The average single family home spends almost 50% of its total annual energy bill on heating and cooling. This means that targeting heating costs is an effective way to bring down your annual energy bill. A programmable thermostat can be a very powerful tool when used properly.

A correctly programmed thermostat can save about 20% on your heating and cooling bill, but if not programmed correctly, programmable thermostats waste energy—about $173 a year, on average.

1° = $60

Once you have established your thermostat patterns (away, at home, bedtime), consider turning down each temperature setting by just 1°F. Studies show it takes just under a week to adapt to a 1° temperature change. The average increased annual savings for accepting a 1°F change in the set-point value of your thermostat is $60.

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