Community Volunteers connect Covington Residents with Energy Efficiency Resources

On November 6th, 30 volunteers reached out to residents in the Covington, KY neighborhoods of Peaselburg, Levassor Park and Wallace Woods, sharing energy saving resources and distributing energy efficiency kits.  The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance in cooperation with the Center for Great Neighborhoods and KY Home Performance are working to help home owners reduce their utility bills through energy saving home upgrades such as lighting, insulation, and mechanical systems. The Covington outreach effort successfully distributed 154 efficiency kits potentially saving each household over $60 in electricity and totaling almost $10,000 in savings for the combined households.   The community outreach efforts also generated 58 home energy assessment requests that would help residents learn about ways to save energy at home.  Andy Holzhauser, Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance shared that, “Improving the comfort of your home is easy to do and saves you money.  GCEA helps residents invest in getting their home assessed for energy saving opportunities and then connects home owners with financial incentives, tax incentives, and reduced-interest loans.”

The Center for Great Neighborhoods is partnering with GCEA to help connect Covington residents with energy saving programs and services.  Dan Petronio, Associate Director for the Center for Great Neighborhoods says, “The Center for Great Neighborhoods is excited about bringing GCEA’s resources to Covington.  We believe the program has strong potential to help homeowners achieve significant energy savings, improve home safety, and increase the value of their home.”  For over 30 years, the Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington, has been dedicated to helping people improve their lives by improving the quality of urban neighborhoods. Strong neighborhoods provide stability, social supports and a web of vital resources that allow families and individuals to thrive.

KY Home Performance will offer either a below market rate loan maximum term of 10 years at 6.99% up to $20,000 or a cash rebate of 20% match up to $2,000 for qualifying improvements in addition to GCEA’s 15% share to help Kentucky homeowners offset the cost of home energy saving improvements.  Terms and conditions apply. The contributions of KY Home Performance and GCEA will help Covington residents save money and energy while improving the comfort of their homes.  “A home is the largest investment a family can make,” said Richard L. McQuady, chief executive officer of Kentucky Housing Corporation.  “Looking at the house as a whole system and making energy-efficiency improvements should help protect their long-term investment as they maximize home efficiency and comfort.  Through the KY Home Performance partnerships, thorough evaluations, quality work and a lending hand have made home improvements much easier for our Kentucky Families”.

To learn more about making cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements with KY Home Performance, visit or GCEA’s Web site at

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