A Commitment to Saving Energy: The Kroger Company and Melink Corporation

The reasons that motivate an organization to pursue energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements are often as diverse as the organizations themselves. Recently, Energy Alliance staff spent a day visiting two very different organizations that have made a commitment to saving energy: the Kroger Company and Melink Corporation.

The Kroger Company:

Kroger grocery stores consumes large amounts of energy to power everything from lighting and refrigeration to air conditioning and electronic equipment. With over 2,600 stores across the country, any energy savings Kroger can produce in each store results in a substantial positive financial impact for the company.

To witness their efforts first hand, we visited the Branchhill-Guinea Pike store in Loveland, which serves as one of Kroger’s testing facilities for energy efficiency measures. We were given a thorough tour of the facility by Denis George (Kroger Corporate Energy Manager), Ryan Stuckenberg (Kroger Energy Engineer), and Andrew Finton (Kroger Energy Coordinator and former Energy Alliance staff member). We were taken almost everywhere in the store, from the sales floor to freezer rooms to mechanical rooms. We learned about how Kroger uses skylights to reduce the amount of lighting needed in stores and how improvements in their refrigeration and monitoring systems have improved their bottom line. We even climbed up to the roof to view their rooftop solar arrays.

For Kroger, the decision to invest in energy efficiency was a practical business decision that has resulted in a 35% reduction in energy consumption.

The Melink Corporation:

The Energy Alliance also visited the Melink Corporation, located near Milford. Melink’s mission is to “provide clean energy solutions that help its customers become strategically competitive, and to inspire them by its example“. Melink is led by a proactive CEO, Steve Melink, who not only provides sustainable energy solutions as a service, but uses his own organization to lead the way.

Our visit was spent touring Melink’s solar canopies, electric car charging stations, solar thermal water heating system, interactive energy production display, geothermal installation, and their admittedly low-performing wind turbine. The organization encourages its employees to actively participate in reducing their energy consumption, and its CEO leads the charge.

Sustainable energy is their service, but it is also their lifestyle. Melink saves energy and is fueled by their positive impact on their community.

Many thanks to the Kroger Company and Melink Corporation for spending time with us to get a deeper understanding of their energy saving initiatives.

Here’s a few photos from our visits:



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