Nationwide Solarize Programs – Video

Solarize Programs are a nation-wide resource that connects homeowners, installers, manufacturers, and communities to make Solar Energy less costly and easier to get.

This video from the U.S. Department of Energy relays:

  • How Solarize programs work
  • Homeowner Benefits
  • Benefits for Communities


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Solar Photo Voltaic Panel Basics Video

Here’s a well done overview about Solar PV Basics from the U.S. Department of Energy, covering:

  • How solar cells convert solar energy into DC power

  • Advantages and to Solar Energy

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The Collective Impact of Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella is an impressive local organization that brings together nonprofits, corporations, businesses, municipal leaders, and individuals with the goal of advancing our region’s environmental sustainability.

The Energy Alliance remains an active member of Green Umbrella having partnered on several regional initiatives, including the Green Umbrella Energy Challenge. Our CEO, Andy Holzhauser, is a member of the Green Umbrella Board of Trustees and our Strategic Business Director, Jeremy Faust, is the head of the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Action team.

We encourage you to watch this inspiring video recently released by Green Umbrella that demonstrates its far-reaching impact in the Greater Cincinnati area. The segment featuring our own Jeremy Faust discussing the group’s energy conservation work begins at the 3:30 mark .


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University of Cincinnati’s Award Winning Utilities Department

Here’s a great behind the scenes video about the University of Cincinnati’s efforts to be cost effective AND energy efficient.

Utilizing thermal storage and the impressive Solar Titan Gas Turbine Generator, UC Utilities provides steam, chill water, and electricity while reducing the university’s carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.




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The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Energy Assessment Soapbox Production

Video detailing a home energy assessment, performed by an Energy Alliance approved contractor.

Thanks to our friends at Seven/Seventy-Nine, Ltd. for putting this video together for us!

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