Learn All About Solar Energy at Our Solarize Workshop

Solar energy has been a huge buzzword across the US for the past 10 years, and it all can seem a bit overwhelming. With all of the advances in technology, it has been hard to keep up with the world of solar energy. We at the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance have been working hard to make solar energy easily accessible for everyone in the Ohio/Kentucky tristate area. One way that we have tried to make solar energy easy to understand is by offering free Solarize Workshops. Read more

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PACE Financing for Hotel Owners Event July 11th

Hotel ownership and maintenance can be a daunting prospect, one where looking dated and having inefficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems can cost you thousands every month. Update your hotel with a financing program that features a fixed rate, no down payment, extended terms, and more.

Join OHIO PACE for a free workshop at the Ramada Plaza in Sharonville on Wednesday, July 11th from 6-8 PM to learn how we can help get your hotel updated in the most cost-efficient way. Read more

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Solarize: What You Need to Know

Switching to clean energy is one of the world’s biggest challenges right now, as the impact of fossil fuels on our economy and our well-being becomes increasingly pronounced. But this kind of massive shift cannot occur overnight, and requires the participation of everyday consumers as well as large-scale enterprises and government-backed entities in order to succeed. Read more

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

A man sealing a window after reading the six spring cleaning tips or an energy efficient home.

The spring season is upon us, and for most households, that means carving out chunks of time to do some much-needed spring cleaning. Along with taking care of all the fun stuff like cleaning out closets and organizing the garage, it’s also a good time to take stock of how energy efficient your home is – or possibly isn’t. Below are some tried-and-true tips to help you ensure that your home is utilizing energy as efficiently as possible.  Read more

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Residents of Greater Cincinnati that are tired of sky-high energy bills may want to consider participating in Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's Get Efficient program.

Tired of Sky-High Energy Bills? It’s Time to Get Efficient

Residents of Greater Cincinnati that are tired of sky-high energy bills may want to consider participating in Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's Get Efficient program.

To say that we’ve had some pretty cold weather in recent months would be a colossal understatement. From polar vortexes to bomb cyclones, many parts of the U.S. have been absolutely hammered with massive winter storms and bone-chilling temperatures that in many cases have broken long-standing records. Not only do these frigid weather conditions make you want to bundle up and “hibernate” in your home, but they also offer a salient reminder of how important it is to make your home as energy efficient as possible. This especially rings true once you’ve experienced the “sticker shock” of receiving a sky-high energy bill after a major cold spell. If you’re tired of being unpleasantly surprised by your home energy costs, maybe it’s time to consider taking the free online Home Energy Assessment offered by the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. Read more

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A commercial building that was recently made energy efficient with the help of PACE Financing.

Who is Eligible for PACE Financing?

A commercial building that was recently made energy efficient with the help of PACE Financing.

If you are a commercial property owner, no doubt you’re well aware of how important it is to make your building as energy efficient as possible. Not only does it promote better sustainability practices, but it can save you untold amounts of money in energy expenses as well. As good as this sounds, many commercial property owners find it difficult to make the necessary energy-efficiency upgrades to their properties due to the initial investment costs. This can create a “Catch-22” scenario where it’s too expensive to make the improvements, but not making the improvements is costing money as well. Read more

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A woman switching out the light bulbs in her home to lower her energy bills in 2018.

7 Ways You Can Lower Your Energy Bills in 2018

A woman switching out the light bulbs in her home to lower her energy bills in 2018.

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important topic in recent years, and for good reason: not only does it affect the future of the environment, but it can have a direct impact on our wallets as well. As we kick off the New Year, why not make a resolution to keep more money in your pocket by improving the energy efficiency of your household? To help get the ball rolling, here are six tried-and-true ways to lower your energy bills in 2018.

Read more

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Press Release: Get Efficient Launched in Cincinnati

For immediate release

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance today launched the Get Efficient program, a low-cost way for residents of Cincinnati and other local area communities to improve the region’s overall energy efficiency.

The Get Efficient program offers residents a free, web-enabled, whole-home energy assessment, access to professional energy advisors and extended-term financing for residential energy efficiency upgrades. The program gives homeowners an affordable way to invest in their home, resulting in decreased energy consumption, lower utility costs, and increased property values.

“Our city continues to demonstrate its position as a national leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship, and the Get Efficient program is a shining example of the impact local governments can have by enabling private investment in energy efficiency,” Mayor Cranley said.

“Homeowners consistently rate energy efficiency as one of their top requirements when considering a new home purchase, and the City of Cincinnati is going to support our residents in making their homes energy efficient,” he said.

Mayor Cranley was joined by Jerry Schmits, President and CEO of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA), in announcing the Get Efficient Program during a Monday morning press conference on the steps of Cincinnati City Hall.

“This program is just another example of the City of Cincinnati’s commitment to making our region a great place to work, live and raise a family affordably,” Schmits said. “I applaud the Mayor, City Manager and the Office of Environment & Sustainability for recognizing the role they play in enabling programs such as this which ultimately helps attract and retain the strong workforce necessary to keep our region competitive.”

Get Efficient works like this:

  • Using a Smartphone or other device, users engage in a whole-home energy assessment by completing a brief web-enabled survey
  • The homeowner sees immediate results with potential savings and recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Homeowners have the option to connect directly with a professional energy advisor to discuss the recommended improvements that will have the greatest impact on their home’s energy efficiency and utility costs
  • The energy advisor facilitates contact with  certified contractors to visit the home, determine the best course  of action and generate  price quotes
  • The homeowner is provided with a comprehensive list of improvement costs, associated utility rebates and estimated energy savings
  • Upon homeowner authorization of improvements and selection of financing options, installation is scheduled
  • A Quality Assurance inspection will occur on a portion of all upgrades.
  • The homeowner can finance the improvements and upgrades themselves or through the program’s unique long-term, fixed-rate, unsecured financing

“Today’s homeowners are more aware of the environmental-impact of their lifestyle, and this program makes it easy for them to identify potential efficiency upgrades, connect with qualified contractors and make their homes energy efficient in the most affordable way,” Schmits said

The major benefits of Get Efficient include a low-cost way for homeowners to improve their primary asset while reducing living expenses, upgrading the communities housing stock and creating a more desirable and livable community.

“Over the past several years, our partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance has produced great results in reducing residential energy consumption and lowering utility cost for our residents, Mayor Cranley said. “The Get Efficient program will ensure that our region continues to lead by example helping the Cincinnati metro area maintain its position as one of the nation’s most sustainable places to live.”

For more information about Get Efficient, including how  other  local municipalities can make this program available to residents, call 513-562-4831 or visit www.GetEfficient.org.

About the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is a nonprofit organization facilitating investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for commercial and residential energy consumers throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In addition to the Get Efficient program, the organization offers residential solar programs and serves as the PACE financing program administrator for several communities in southwest Ohio and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. For more information visit www.greatercea.org, www.ohpace.org, or www.kypace.org.


Jerry Schmits, President and CEO
Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance
513.621.4232 ext. 110

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Duke Energy Ohio Rebates

Earn money for making your home more energy efficient with Duke Energy Ohio’s Smart $aver® program. The program offers rebates for qualifying energy efficiency improvements made to your home. All improvements must be installed by a contractor that is a member of the Duke Trade Ally network. Check with an Energy Advisor or your contractor to learn if your project qualifies.

Current Smart $aver offerings include:

HVAC Install

Homeowners can receive a $200 rebate for the installation of a new heat pump or central air conditioner that meets program requirements.

Insulate & Seal – Attic

Homeowners can receive a $250 rebate for qualifying projects that increase attic insulation levels and reduce air infiltration.

Heat Pump Water Heater Install

Homeowners can receive a $300 rebate for the installation of a qualifying ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater.

Insulate & Seal Ductwork

Homeowners can receive $100 rebate for duct sealing and $75 rebate for duct insulation for qualifying projects that result in a reduction in duct leakage.

Pool Energy Efficiency Program

Homeowners can receive a $300 rebate for the installation of a qualifying ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pump.





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