Learn All About Solar Energy at Our Solarize Workshop

Solar energy has been a huge buzzword across the US for the past 10 years, and it all can seem a bit overwhelming. With all of the advances in technology, it has been hard to keep up with the world of solar energy. We at the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance have been working hard to make solar energy easily accessible for everyone in the Ohio/Kentucky tristate area. One way that we have tried to make solar energy easy to understand is by offering free Solarize Workshops. Read more

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PACE Financing for Hotel Owners Event July 11th

Hotel ownership and maintenance can be a daunting prospect, one where looking dated and having inefficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems can cost you thousands every month. Update your hotel with a financing program that features a fixed rate, no down payment, extended terms, and more.

Join OHIO PACE for a free workshop at the Ramada Plaza in Sharonville on Wednesday, July 11th from 6-8 PM to learn how we can help get your hotel updated in the most cost-efficient way. Read more

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Solarize: What You Need to Know

Switching to clean energy is one of the world’s biggest challenges right now, as the impact of fossil fuels on our economy and our well-being becomes increasingly pronounced. But this kind of massive shift cannot occur overnight, and requires the participation of everyday consumers as well as large-scale enterprises and government-backed entities in order to succeed. Read more

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Solarize Installers: Icon Solar









From Icon Solar:

In 2009, the founders of Cincinnati-based Icon Solar began delivering environmentally and economically-friendly energy to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Our experts are committed to comprehensive customer service and are passionate about saving our customers’ money.

Icon Solar is one of the largest residential installers in the region and stands at the forefront of solar technology, so you know you’re getting the best solar partner. Icon Solar will be by your side during your entire solar journey. We’ll explain the benefits of solar panels, like creating your own clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your electricity bill.

Our team handles every detail of installation, from permit to grid hook-up, efficiently, and courteously. We invite you to take a moment to get to know us better.

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Solarize Installers: Solar Energy Solutions

From Solar Energy Solutions:


Solar Energy Solutions experience as a Contractor for regional Solarize Campaigns in 2017 includes 161.5kW for Solarize Cincinnati, 198.0 kW for Solarize Evansville and 252.6kW for Solarize Bloomington.  In 2017, SES completed 9 Commercial Projects, 16 Institutional projects and 116 Residential Projects for a total of 3.17 MW.

Installing residential solar is key to our company as we have strong personal beliefs about the right of each individual to own and operate their own costs effective distributed solar generation. Most of the installs completed by SES in city or rural locations have brought us lifelong relationships with our customers and you can bank on us being with you to start you down the solar road and to support you fully at each and every stage of the journey over the decades ahead.

We differentiate ourselves by our devotion to certification and training in order to provide systems which will still be performing faultlessly in decade’s time. Our full-time in-house teams are specialized in either residential or commercial areas and hold multiple electrical Journeymen and Master qualifications.  In addition, we have 4 NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals) approved staff, and ongoing solar training which puts our installers at the top level of national performance. We also pride ourselves with having the ability and passion to bring you the latest technology rapidly in a very fast moving and evolving industry.

Solar Energy Solutions was founded in 2006 and is focused solely on solar PV projects having executed over 850 installs over that time period; with over 516 being residential. We are one of the regions oldest and most experienced solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. We operate in 6 states with a focus on Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  We have regional offices in Cincinnati OH, Louisville, KY, and Evansville IN are headquartered in Lexington KY, with regional offices in.  We’re a small company with a big vision to make solar accessible to everyone in our region.

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Kids First Sports Center Finds Success with PACE Financing

An exterior photo of the Kids First Sports Center.

Energy Project Financing:

  • Project Total: $656,000
  • Term: 23 years


  • Solar PV – 150 KW
  • LED Lighting
  • Wall Insulation

The PACE Financing program has already proven itself to be a successful energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative for commercial properties of all kinds, but one of the most notable projects in recent months has been the successful financing of a Solar PV improvement installation for the Kids First Sports Center, a multi-use recreational facility located in Sycamore Township, Ohio. The 108,000-square-foot gymnastics, trampoline, basketball and swimming center was the first commercial property in the state of Ohio to receive PACE funding for electric-generating solar panels.  Read more

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

A man sealing a window after reading the six spring cleaning tips or an energy efficient home.

The spring season is upon us, and for most households, that means carving out chunks of time to do some much-needed spring cleaning. Along with taking care of all the fun stuff like cleaning out closets and organizing the garage, it’s also a good time to take stock of how energy efficient your home is – or possibly isn’t. Below are some tried-and-true tips to help you ensure that your home is utilizing energy as efficiently as possible.  Read more

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A Standout Year for PACE

By all accounts, 2017 was a banner year for us at Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. As interest and investment in energy efficiency continues to increase, we have been fortunate enough to be on the cutting edge of some of the most groundbreaking renewable energy projects in the Greater Cincinnati area. Through the highly popular PACE Financing program, we have been able to empower property owners by providing funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades that not only reduce utility costs, but also boost property values and stimulate the local economy. Let’s look back at some of the most notable PACE successes from 2017:  Read more

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Residents of Greater Cincinnati that are tired of sky-high energy bills may want to consider participating in Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's Get Efficient program.

Tired of Sky-High Energy Bills? It’s Time to Get Efficient

Residents of Greater Cincinnati that are tired of sky-high energy bills may want to consider participating in Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's Get Efficient program.

To say that we’ve had some pretty cold weather in recent months would be a colossal understatement. From polar vortexes to bomb cyclones, many parts of the U.S. have been absolutely hammered with massive winter storms and bone-chilling temperatures that in many cases have broken long-standing records. Not only do these frigid weather conditions make you want to bundle up and “hibernate” in your home, but they also offer a salient reminder of how important it is to make your home as energy efficient as possible. This especially rings true once you’ve experienced the “sticker shock” of receiving a sky-high energy bill after a major cold spell. If you’re tired of being unpleasantly surprised by your home energy costs, maybe it’s time to consider taking the free online Home Energy Assessment offered by the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. Read more

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