Get Efficient

Slash your lighting costs by up to 80% with an LED lighting upgrade!

The easiest and most economical way to save money on your energy bill is by retrofitting your home to LED lights. Get Efficient has partnered with BFranklin to make it easy to upgrade your home lighting.

BFranklin’s Try-Light Kit takes the guess-work out of choosing the right LED lights for your home. It allows you to test out a variety of high-quality LED light bulbs in your own home for 30 days at no cost!

Give it a try and start saving money!

BFrank LEDs

BFranklin’s Try-Light Kit comes with:

  • 12 high-quality LED bulbs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues.
  • 2 adapters (for that odd fixture or two)
  • A simple How-To Guide so you can choose the perfect bulbs for your home.


BFranklin LogoBFranklin sells high-quality, energy-efficient LED light bulbs. LEDs last for decades and use a fraction of the electricity that traditional bulbs require. They turn on instantly and provide warm, pleasing light.

GCEA LogoThe Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance has partnered with BFranklin to make LED lighting upgrades easy and economical for homeowners through the Get Efficient program.


Reduce Your
Electricty Bill

Save up to $300 a year on energy costs

Eliminate Future
Ladder Time

LED Bulbs last for 10-20 years

Improve Your
Home Life

Get your perfect lighting in every room

Try BFranklin’s LED bulbs risk free and join the community of happy customers who found it easy to cut energy costs and improve the lighting in their homes!

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