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Duke Energy Kentucky Rebates

Earn money for making your home more energy efficient with Duke Energy Kentucky’s Smart $aver® program. The program offers rebates for qualifying energy efficiency improvements made to your home. All improvements must be installed by a contractor that is a member of the Duke Trade Ally network. Check with an Energy Advisor or your contractor to […]

Solarize Installers: Solar Energy Solutions

          From Solar Energy Solutions: Solar Energy Solutions (SES) is Kentucky’s largest and most experienced solar PV and Solar Hot Water design, engineering and installation company and one that since its formation in 2006 has completed nearly 600 projects ranging in size from 1 kW to 545 KW through its offices […]

Saving Money with Solar

Purchasing solar panels for your home is a valuable investment. We are all familiar with the costs, but what about the benefits? Here are three financial benefits to consider as you determine if a solar investment is right for you. 1. Generate your own energy, save money on your energy bill The energy that you generate from solar […]

Solar Influencer: Chad Edwards

    “We are all called to be good stewards of our planet. One way to accomplish that is through designing and operating Net Zero Energy buildings. Solar energy makes economic and environmental sense.” Chad Edwards, emersion DESIGN See all of our Solar Influencers

Looking back on 2015. Looking forward to 2016

2015 marked a year of changes in the energy sector. There continued to be a shift away from traditional sources of energy like coal toward natural gas and renewables like solar and wind. The Washington Post identified several factors that made 2015 a transformative year for energy. They include: • A turn away from coal […]

The Evolution of Appliances

Over the past 30 years, national appliance efficiency standards have helped households across the U.S. reduce their utility bills and the impact they have on the environment. The standards cover a wide variety of appliances and equipment that account for about 90 percent of a home’s annual energy use. $62 Million in Annual Savings While the […]

Energy saving tips for winter

Each winter, approximately 57 percent of American homes become their own power plants as they burn natural gas for space heating. By taking a few simple steps around your home, you can reduce your energy consumption, improve comfort, and protect the environment. Thermostats The DOE estimates that homeowners can reduce energy usage by up to […]

Solarize Installers: Third Sun Solar

From Third Sun Solar: “Are you curious about solar and whether it is a good fit for you and your home?  At Third Sun Solar we have helped hundreds of homeowners evaluate their options and make an informed choice about this exciting technology.  We are in our 15th year of focusing ONLY on clean energy, and […]