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Solar Influencer: Bob Temple

“Solar power offers significant sustainability advantages over fossil fuels. Costs have come down significantly, making solar an increasingly attractive option in our region. And it’s definitely a choice one can feel good about.” Bob Temple, Green Umbrella   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Reen Hunt

  “Solar is important to our community and society as a whole because it reduces our impact on the Earth. Reducing our impact on the Earth is the right thing to do as a human being. It is the right thing to do to help other people live well and to protect the environment. I […]

Solar Influencer: Flequer Vera

“Solar has the potential to transform our communities by creating family sustaining jobs, reducing homeowner expenses, and conserving the environment.” Flequer Vera, Sustainergy Cooperative   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Ken Smith

“The amount of energy being generated by the sun each day is far more than our world could ever imagine needing. As technology advances, the cost to harness this free resource will become less and less finally putting an end to the burning of fossil fuels that is destroying our environment. Solar is the future.” Ken Smith, […]