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Energy Saver 101: Home Cooling

A little bit of knowledge and maintenance can help keep you cool when the heat is dangerous and help protect your wallet from unexpected expenses. Here’s an all-inclusive look at Home Cooling from the Department of Energy in their continuing series: Energy Saver 101.     For more information, visit the Department of Energy’s original […]

Solar Influencer: Mark Wiley

“We burn coal on the Ohio River and send it to Dayton and we lose 1/2 of the energy on the way. A solar system on your house is 97% efficient!” Mark Wiley, Solar Integrated Resources   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Andy Holzhauser

“Solar has the potential to transform our communities by creating family sustaining jobs, reducing homeowner expenses, and conserving the environment.” Andy Holzhauser, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Steve Schumacher

“Neighbors and community institutions can save money and create jobs by investing in community solar. Solar investment adds a premium to housing value and coupled with energy storage such renewable systems are the rising tide in energy.” Steve Schumacher, Environmental ALI   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Jonathan Norris

“Solar doesn’t only mean good things for our planet; it’s great for the community as well. Those who invest in solar energy will benefit from long-term energy savings, contribute to local job growth, and decrease harmful pollution into our community’s immediate atmosphere by offsetting carbon emissions. By switching to this source of energy, you’ll invest […]

Solar Influencer: Dave Smith

“Solar power proves going green saves green. It is a wise investment that promotes a healthy environment.” Dave Smith, Sustainability Enthusiast   See all of our Solar Influencers  

Solar Influencer: Jeremy Faust

“In essence, solar energy has been powering our lives for the last 200 years. The fossil fuels we have relied upon were the result of a natural process powered by the sun–organic material that has spent millions of years decomposing. Unfortunately, the burning of this material is causing increasing harm to our way of life. […]

Solar Influencer: Brewster Rhoads

“Solar makes sense… Sign up for a solar assessment and see if it works for you!” Brewster Rhoads, former Executive Director, Green Umbrella and Founder and Chair of the Ohio River Paddlefest   See all of our Solar Influencers